The Ice and Earth Band

…are based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They play an eclectic mix of their own original songs.

Keeping it live with Blues, Jump Blues and Swing with plenty of horn

Meet the Band

Warren now plays as a duo with Earth.

The Ice and Earth band started in October 2015, when percussionist Drew, singer and guitarist Warren and lead guitarist Earth played as a trio in a restaurant in Chiangmai, Northern Thailand…the bar became very busy and the trio added trumpet player Ice.. they continued to play every Friday and Saturday gaining many friends for their laid back style. Mid way through 2016 Earth left the band to visit Canada for three months, after trying various guitarists to fill in for him, they gave up and added bass player Joe, who used to play for a famous Chiangmai Blues Band,…Earth returned and the Ice and Earth Band was complete.

Most of their set consists of original songs written and arranged by singer Warren.



Way Down in The Hole

I’ve Got Rambling On My Mind

Crazy ‘Bout An Automobile

One Meat Ball

I Want To Know

I’m Coming Home


Way Down in the Hole

Live Dates



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The Ice and Earth Band are ideal for any venue.
They can play as a trio, a quartet, a five piece or a six piece.
Never too loud – Always engaging